Grant Giving Policy

The Trust aims to support smaller UK registered charities in their work both in the UK and overseas. Particular regard is given to those working with young people, the disabled and the underprivileged, although most areas of charitable work are considered on their merits.  In pursuit of these aims, the current grant making policy is as follows:

Grants are not normally made to large national charities and those with an income in excess of £300,000. The Trustees would not normally support the maintenance of the fabric of churches, schools and village halls, do not make donations to animal charities, and will not provide grants for the personal education of the applicant.

Applications are also invited from individuals undertaking charitable projects, including, for example, trainee doctors for medical elective expenses. Grants are not however given to ‘Gap Year’ students. Preference is given to those undertaking work overseas.

The typical grant is for £600. The Trust will not enter into commitments to provide long term funding, and only one grant will be paid to an applicant in any calendar year.